Twin Forks Farm Artisan Foods was born as an idea in 1984. I had renewed energy as I quit smoking, started exercising and dramatically changed my diet. Fast Food was a no go. Fresh, locally grown was my new go-to. Snacks made with quality whole foods, minimally processed were impossible to find. I knew then that I would start a food company.

It took awhile. We moved beyond the sidewalks in the early ‘90s to rural middle Tennessee. I built a small woodfired oven and began experimenting. The woodfired oven got bigger, but our basic granola formula has stayed the same. Just six ingredients, quality whole foods, organic, minimally processed.
Our woodfired oven gives our granola a roasted and toasted flavor. Properly baked with enhanced flavor unmatched by conventional oven baking. It may take a bit longer, but worth it.