Twin Forks Farm Artisan Granola

Small Batch, organic ingredients, roasted and toasted in our wooodfired oven.

Early in the mornng I strike a match

to light a small bundle of paper beneath dry kindling that starts a fire in the woodfired oven. Soon I start mixing granola, made with only a few organic ingredients. By the afternoon the oven fire is a layer of hot coals.

The Granola

has been laid out on sheet pans and stored in the cooler. The following morning the wodfired oven has mellowed to the perfect temperature, the ashes are removed and the baking soon begins.

We try to walk softly

on the Earth. We use organic ingredients, bake in a woodfired oven, and, just recently, added solar power.

We live on our 60 acre farm, consisting of 40 acres of pasture, and 20 acres of woods with a large barn and pond fed by a spring. Every Spring the blueberries, raspberries, asparagus, herbs and flowers begin to grow as we plant a variety of vegetable for our large kitchen garden.

Thirty-five years ago I became a vegetarian. I experienced renewed energy, weight loss, and mental clarity. I knew then that one day I would start a vegan food company to make it easier for others to experience the same. It took awhile, but 10 years ago we began producing granola in our owner built wood fired oven.