In The Kitchen

Welcome to Twin Forks Farm where we bake bread that may not have been your daddy’s bread or even your granddaddy’s bread, but may very well have been your great, great, granddaddy’s bread.

At Twin Forks Farm we honor the traditional way of bread baking. We bake bread the way it was done hundreds, even thousands of years ago using only flour, water, natural leaven (sourdough) and salt. To this basic formula we add seeds, grains or fruit. These breads are then hearth baked in our wood fired oven.

Our breads are based on a respect for natural ingredients, age old techniques and, of course, great flavor. Our natural leaven breads contain no added oils, sugars, dairy or eggs. We ferment our dough for 18 to 22 hours making the bread easier to digest and more nutritious.

Flour, water, natural leaven and salt – When the transformation is complete the resulting bread is packed with flavor and nutrition!

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